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Converting movie formats in Mac OS X, Part 1 Installing Fink posted 02 Jun 2010 23:40 by


It seems like such a simple task, "Can you convert this .avi to a flash video?". My first question was um, why? Followed by a string of expletives. But instead of explaining why I didn't want to do it, I decided to give it a go. Or rather I asked someone else how to ... thank you Handyande

So, the process of creating a flash video from an avi is as follows (Using Mcc OS X):

1. First you need fink. What is fink? Well I fink that ... sorry bad pun. Their website says "The Fink project wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X". i.e. they want to port UNIX software to MacOSX and make it available for people like you and me. 

So go to and download the fink file. I downloaded fink--0.29.10 which was released in September 2009. 

Then follow the instructions on the website ... It sounds easy and it probably is if you don't have a tendency to being blonde. The more comprehensive instructions are 

- open a terminal (swear, try and remember what a terminal is, find it in the applications folder under utilities, sigh)

- cd to the folder where you downloaded the fink file (probably /Downloads) 

- type tar -xvf fink-0.29.10.tar OR tar -xvzf fink-0.29.10.tar.gz depending on if you have a .tar or .tar.gz file downloaded

- hold your breath

- when everything works continue to follow the instructions on the Fink page and type in ./bootstrap

- a whole load of scary text will scroll past your eyes, don't worry this is normal

- it then starts asking you for your preferences, swear a lot, do it wrong, start again

- so this time instead of worrying about which preference number to select just press return and it will automatically select the defaults. This is particularly important for when you are selecting a location for it to live in. It doesn't seem to like being installed anywhere except /sw (believe me, I tried)

- There is one exception to the above rule. That is when you are trying to chose between 64 and 32 bit types. I have a 64 bit mac, and that's where the future of mac software is going. However, the 32 bit is more populated and more reliable. Difficult choice. I chose 64 bit because I'm adventurous (and because handyande told be to)

The last line of the endless scrolling text of the Fink install was "Have a nice day". At this point you can either go out into the normal world and enjoy the sunshine. Or like a true geek, you can carry on. 

Type /sw/bin/ into your terminal. This will "set up your environment for Fink." Don't really know what that means but it keeps it happy.

Then open a new terminal and type fink selfupdate. You will be given some more options to select from. Just press return to select the defaults. I chose rsync rather than cvs (again because handyande told me to). 

Followed all that? If so you now have a working Fink installation. Ready for part two? Well, maybe after a coffee.