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Technology is all around us, and so it should be. Today we rely on tech in everything we do. Linux is no longer reserved for the basement of a few geeks - it is a world wide phenomenon which everyone needs to know about. is a blog/website which discusses the important details of both linux and anything vaguely related. True to the title, the website has a blonde streak and and so we like to feature anything that sparkles or can be ordered in pink/purple!

Learn to code part 1 posted 04 Apr 2011 00:01 by

So you've got your Linux machine set up nicely and you can do the basics on the command line. What's next? What should you do to stretch your imagination some more? Learning to code of coarse! But where do you start? 

When I first started to program it was in the pre-easy-access-to-the-internet era and I sat with a tome of a book on my lap, reading and typing. I have to admit I quite enjoyed it. And now if I want to learn a new programming language I still browse the shelves in the bookshop for something to inspire me. But it is hard to find a book which explains the absolute basics, in a way that Is not unbelievably patronising or very, very dull. There are the "programming for dummies" books, but they make me feel so stupid. And the school textbook style books are a bit dull. But this set of articles is a great starting point for the beginner - It's easy to follow, covers the basics and doesn't make you feel like an idiot.

And what if you know the basics of programming already? Well this covers all the things that you should know but have either forgotton or never got round to learning in the first place!